Sound Waves

by amortentiaandpumpkins

I used to listen to music for the melody,

Listening to the lyrics felt like a felony,

I never took in the words of the songs,

Lacking the experience, it just felt wrong,

I never felt the emotions so real,

I had no idea how to really feel,

Until he came along, showed me the ropes,

My faith was restored, he gave me hope,

Finally it all started to make sense,

The power of it all was truly immense,

Finally I understood that four letter word,

Before, in my presence, it was left unheard,

At least it was empty, loaded, nonsensical,

A word that was once incomprehensible,

But the chemicals reacted, the music and him,

The songs, heavenly, just like the hymns

I heard as a child, in a hollow room,

Never the spiritual type, but deep in the gloom,

A light finally shines, and it dawns on me,

Slowly, ever so slowly, it was meant to be,

My captain. He rides slowly in the sound waves,

Calm, and my body, I finally feel safe,

And the music forever echoes, into my ears,

Eradicating all my worries, all of my fears.