by amortentiaandpumpkins

An hourglass hanging from a necklace chain,

A clock to show you missed the last train,

Now you’re wondering where to spend the night,

You decide to go watch the city’s lights,

A cold harbour, but you dare to venture farther,

But with each gust, it feels just a little bit harder,

But you reach a spot, and you feel satisfied,

View of the black sea, the sound is amplified,

But you feel serene, until a tap of the shoulder,

You turn around, suddenly you feel colder,

A ghost from the past, at the coast at last,

You’re wondering whether to get away fast,

For you were let down before, it may happen again,

Who knows how long it’ll take for the wounds to mend,

But something tells you, the look in their eyes,

This time there will be no troubles, no lies.

You allow yourself a small smile, a reciprocation,

A little bit of an urge, a little temptation,

You keep some distance, don’t send any signals,

But you can’t help it, you feel a little tingle,

Down your spine, you’re going out of your mind,

Before you know it, their hands start to find

The back of your neck, start of with a peck,

You should, but you don’t ask for a rain check,

There are no fireworks in the sky, but in you head,

You’re feeling dizzy, but you go on ahead,

A simple kiss, but a fall into the abyss,

The fear that you’re going to hit but miss,

You pull away with that thought lingering,

You feel the wind again, you’re shivering,

Pursed lips, you say it’s time to go,

Thank you very much, hope you enjoyed the show.