by amortentiaandpumpkins

I saw a perfect triangle tonight.

A constellation, terrifying, bright,

Blinding my eyes, although it may seem,

The stars do not significantly beam.

Significance is key, forget the objective perspective,

When you look at the sky, it’s about being perceptive,

Believing in what you see, rather than the tangible,

Although it burns, you’re incapable of being infallible.

They meant something more than you could imagine,

They meant more than you could ever even fathom,

And yet despite being a small part of a bigger picture,

It feels like you, out of everyone, got the taste of the elixir,

Life seemed unfair, you were constantly unsure,

Until you glanced up, taking in all of its allure,

At that moment, your whole being felt secure,

You were reborn, flawless and pure.

I saw a perfect triangle tonight,

I don’t know what it meant, I don’t know if I’m right,

The geometric beauty, grasping for a message,

To bring your life out of chaos, madness and wreckage.