by amortentiaandpumpkins

I think that one of the biggest ironies of this world is trust.

Trust is something we consciously hold as important and precious, yet it is one thing we can give away, blindly and completely subconsciously, to complete strangers.

We put trust in the chefs that have produced the food that we consume in restaurants. How do we know our food doesn’t contain poison? Or some disease or bacteria, like E Coli? We have no definite way of knowing. Yet do we ever consider it before digging our fork in that steak, or pie, or whatever you are fully enjoying eating, and putting it in our mouths? No. Never. Don’t lie.

How about that cab ride back home? A little full. Maybe a little tipsy on that wine, no? Ok, so we’re doing that sensible thing by not driving ourselves. But how do we know that the cab driver isn’t bombed himself? Or maybe he’s really tired and drifting somewhere between being awake and in deep sleep. Or… He could be a criminal on a getaway ride and you happened to hail his cab and he had no choice but to let you in so he could take all you valuables and leave you stranded. But you never think about that. You think about getting from A to B and your biggest worry is probably only do you have enough to pay for the ride.

It’s crazy how we can put our lives in the hands of strangers. But sharing a so-called secret with people you consider as your closest and dearest? No… You would think twice. It probably isn’t even life or death.

Ironic, isn’t it?