by amortentiaandpumpkins

Don’t you have those days where nothing makes sense, and everything feels simply out of place? When it feels like your mind is far away from your body, and any sort of effect on your body does not affect your mind because of this reason? It’s like your body wants to do nothing but sleep it off, but your mind is on full alert. It’s processing faster than a new state of the art MacBook.
Let’s add a third element to this equation: the heart. Imagine a body that just wants a bed to lay on, a mind with thoughts to match a cheetahs speed, and a heart that’s burning like fire on petrol. Imagine the intensity that your body is experiencing without the effects of any type of narcotic substances. That’s exactly how I feel.
Really, there are quite a lot of things I can call this. Heartache? But I feel that my mind is as numb as my body by that time, as though the intensity can only be felt by my heart. But no, the numbing process of my mind has yet to come, whenever it does. Fatigue? Again no. Once again, the mind would have to falter in it’s speed and intensity of thought processing. Euphoria? Yeah, right. Sure my body feels relaxed and my minds racing. But my heart sure isn’t.
Disorientation is the only thing I feel. Simple disorientation. Where nothing matches anything else. Where everything is inconsistent.