Selfish – A Poem

by amortentiaandpumpkins

A million dots of light illuminate the city,

Millions of lives behind the curtains.

But only on myself do I take any pity,

But only towards myself I feel uncertain.

As strangers walk past by where I sit,

I try my best to appear reserved.

Even though I feel as if my heart’s a pit,

I try to understand whether this I’ve deserved.

I try to remember his face exactly as it was,

The calming effect of his voice.

But all I really recall is the loss,

As he didn’t leave me with much choice.

So as I sit here on this bench,

That very bench he once sat on with me,

My eyes tear and my jaws clench,

Pondering on my pain’s degree.

An explanation is all I ask for,

Of why things occurred the way they did.

So that on this chapter I can close the door,

And not think about you, God forbid.

So just like those people behind the windows,

I can only hope that my life goes on.

And just like both my friends and my foes,

I can be carefree if on you I stumble upon.