Two Homes

by amortentiaandpumpkins

A really dear friend of mine returned from university in California last night back to Hong Kong. Naturally, we spoke for ages on the phone about how our last few days have been, and how our semester has been overall. So many stories…

But one thing she said really struck me. She told me while she was in California, she really really missed everything and everyone here. She said she was counting the days until she came back home, especially since there was much drama ensuing in her university between her group of friends. But then, she said that once she landed here, she realized that she already missed her university and all her friends in California very much, and that she was really excited to see them again next semester.

She then went on to point out that that’s one of the strangely amazing things about studying/working/living somewhere not close to home: the fact that once you’re settled, you realize that there will always be a place you’ll miss. Even though you’re enjoying your present surroundings, you can’t wait to get back to that other place, that other home. It really means that you’ve always got something, somewhere or someone to look forward to, wherever you are.

Whoever said missing someone or something is a heartbreaking experience should really reevaluate their life: missing is not always a bad thing! To some extent, it really is a wonderful experience, especially if you’re enjoying your present.