Amortentia And Pumpkins

by amortentiaandpumpkins

You may be curious as to what my blog name means. My friend told me that it sounds like “one of these teenager blogs with random names to sounds cool or something.” So I went on to explain why exactly my blog is called “Amortentia and Pumpkins.”

Let’s start of with “Amortentia.” For those of you who don’t already know, “Amortentia” is the name of the love potion in the Harry Potter series (of which, I am and will always be a die hard fan of). What really strikes me about the love potion is this: Voldemort was conceived when his father was under the influence of the love potion. I was explaining to my friend that his mother, who was a witch, was madly in love with a Muggle man, so she spiked his drink with love potion to get him to feel attracted to her. After she ran away with him and conceived Tom Riddle Jr. (Voldemort), she stopped giving Tom Riddle Sr. the love potion, believing that he may be in love with her without the influence of the love potion since she is carrying his child (while I was saying this, my friend and I walk into the lift where a stranger was there. My friend as a joke tells the stranger that I was pregnant. It was an awkward lift ride). However, Tom Riddle Sr. leaves her. Since the love potion merely creates infatuation and not true love, it explains the reason why Voldemort never had any love for anything. I found this extremely fascinating, and since I think “Amortentia” has a nice ring to it and due to my obsession with Harry Potter, the name stuck and thus is part of my blog name. 

“Pumpkins,” if you haven’t already guessed, comes from one of my favourite fairy tales of all time, Cinderella. I believe that the whole carriage/pumpkin thing is the epitomy of nothing is what it really seems to be. And I feel that is what I am about, and to some extent, what everybody is about. People seem to have either harsh judgements or expectations that are far too high of me. That’s why I chose “Pumpkin.”

Oh, and I like pumpkin risotto.