Being broke is the best diet

by amortentiaandpumpkins

You know that saying, where something is “both a blessing and a curse?” I feel like being broke really epitomizes this saying. Of course, the curse part comes from the fact that you honestly cannot do much to enjoy yourself without money. Let’s face it, everything these days needs cash. Even when it’s just simply going for a walk with a friend or two, you end up stopping at a corner store to buy snacks or drinks. And you don’t really like asking your friends for to lend you money, because obviously, you’re going to have to pay them back once you get sufficient funds, even if they insist it’s on them. 

But that’s where the the blessing part comes in! The fact that you cannot afford to eat much will slowly make you feel less and hungry day by day. You can start surviving on one meal a day. And make use of things you CAN get for free, like free water from drinking fountains. You can finally start your 8 glasses of water a day regime, because you cannot afford anything else! Whenever I’m broke for a weeks stretch, I literally survive on a bag of apples, 5 packs of Indomei noodles and a shit load of water. And I realize the blessing when I step on the weighing scale to find that I have lost almost 2 kg. No joke. It’s amazing, the wonders being broke can do for your body. 

Fuck Atkins, no-carb and whatever ridiculous, soul-munching diets are out there. Being broke really is the best diet! However, watch out for what I like to refer to as “Pay-Day Syndrome”: That day where you get all your money for a month and you go crazy in the supermarket, dumping literally anything edible in your trolley, and next thing you know, you’ve gained all that weight back. Just beware of that!